The Most Popular Recipe in Every State, According to Google

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Alas, that summer darling, July 4th, has come and gone. This week, many of us gathered in our backyards (or indoors in the A/C) to celebrate summer and family and a lot of really good food. Everyone’s got their go-tos, the stalwarts they turn to every year. And while each family, even each family member, may be known for a special signature dish, it turns out every state has its own as well.

In honor of the holiday, Google has released the stats for the most popular (i.e., most searched) dish in every state over the course of the last 12 months. The best part is you can actually click on each dish and access the most popular recipes for that dish as well. So if you want to make crab dip like someone from Maryland or ceviche like a Floridian, you’re just a few clicks away.

Some of them are pretty surprising. Who would have expected crepes to be the most searched recipe in Idaho? Or zucchini bread to pave the way in Idaho? Others, of course were more expected: quinoa in California, tortilla soup in Texas, quiche in Connecticut.

I found the feature quite informative and got lost flipping through all the options. You can play with the Doodle here and see the full list below:

  • Alabama: Broccoli salad
  • Alaska: Halibut
  • Arizona: Spanish rice
  • Arkansas: Potato soup
  • California: Quinoa
  • Colorado: Spaghetti squash
  • Connecticut: Quiche
  • Delaware: Baked salmon
  • District of Columbia: Crab cake
  • Florida: Ceviche
  • Georgia: Squash casserole
  • Hawaii: Shoyu chicken
  • Idaho: Crepe recipe
  • Illinois: Italian beef
  • Indiana: Buckeye recipe
  • Iowa: Hamburger
  • Kansas: Meatball recipe
  • Kentucky: Vegetable soup
  • Louisiana: Gumbo
  • Maine: Apple pie
  • Maryland: Crab dip
  • Massachusetts: Haddock
  • Michigan: Goulash
  • Minnesota: Sloppy joe
  • Mississippi: Taco soup
  • Missouri: Hamburger
  • Montana: Chili
  • Nebraska: Taco seasoning
  • Nevada: Chicken adobo

[embedded content]

  • New Hampshire: Apple crisps
  • New Jersey: Flounder
  • New Mexico: Pozole
  • New York: Chicken cutlet
  • North Carolina: Snow cream
  • North Dakota: Hamburger
  • Ohio: Sausage gravy
  • Oklahoma: Hamburger meat
  • Oregon: Teriyaki sauce
  • Pennsylvania: Asparagus
  • Rhode Island: Chicken parm
  • South Carolina: Chicken bog
  • South Dakota: Hamburger
  • Tennessee: Hashbrown casserole
  • Texas: Tortilla soup
  • Utah: Zucchini bread
  • Vermont: Waffle
  • Virginia: Salmon cake
  • Washington: Pork chop
  • West Virginia: Meatloaf
  • Wisconsin: Meatloaf
  • Wyoming: Banana bread
  • Puerto Rico: Receta de tembleque
  • Guam: Fried chicken
  • Northern Mariana Islands: Orange chicken
  • U.S. Virgin Islands: Johnny cake
  • American Samoa: Pizza dough

How does your favorite dish match up with your state’s? Drop the results in the comments below!

I thought this was a very interesting list of foods – thanks Google for helping us out on this one.

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