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A Mug Pudding for Almost-Instant, From-Scratch Happiness

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 Cooking  No comments

Ah, pudding. It’s the treat that soothes sore throats and sustains us after surgery. It’s what moms and dads tuck into elementary school lunchboxes, and whip together as last-minute crowd-pleasers. Creamy and velvety smooth, pudding feels like collapsing on the couch after a long day—it’s the ultimate comfort food.

And hey, Jell-O snack cups and instant mixes are great. But authors Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough have another super-speedy, from-scratch way to get your pudding fix. In their guide to lightening-fast cooking, The Kitchen Shortcut Bible, they take a page from mug cakes and transform pudding into a 2-minute microwavable affair.

*Almost* instant happiness in a mug.
*Almost* instant happiness in a mug. Photo by Julia Gartland

“Creamy and smooth, this one’s like old-fashioned butterscotch, made with t...

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Cherries & Beets Belong Together—Especially on Ricotta Toast

Tuesday, August 7, 2018 Cooking  No comments

Restraint is not my strong suit on the weekends. I go to the farmers market with a list… and then impulse buy the prettiest fruit, the most fragrant herbs, maybe a jar of marinated beets or pickled radishes because those free samples are irresistible bait. I get home and dream about all of the things I want to make: big, beautiful grilled salads, summery sheet pan dinners, gorgeous fruit pies and cobblers, pesto and other herby sauces to freeze now and use later.

Then, life happens. Between work and the kids’ activities, there’s not nearly enough time during the week to make a fraction of the things I’ve planned. Suddenly, it’s Tuesday night and that sheet pan dinner I had in mind takes 40 minutes, but we’re tired and hungry and need dinner ASAP.

Enter…toast for dinner...

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Make Limoncello ASAP, Sip All Season Long

Friday, July 27, 2018 Cooking  No comments

Photo by Julia Gartland

There’s a lot to love about Kachka: A Return to Russian Cooking by Bonnie Frumkin Morales—our most recent Piglet champion!—but one thing excited me most: vodka. Which, if you know me, doesn’t make any sense. Because I hate vodka. Or I thought I did.

Kachka’s first chapter is all about vodka—or, more specifically, infusing it. Tarragon, horseradish, chamomile, cacao nib, cranberry, strawberry. From Morales’s perspective, the possibilities are practically endless: “Alcohol is the perfect vehicle to both preserve and amplify flavors,” she writes.

Just, I thought, like Italian limoncello. This strong, sunny, lemon-infused Italian liqueur is usually enjoyed as a digestif, or post-dinner drink...

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A Particularly Brilliant Way to Savor Those Summery Berries

Thursday, July 5, 2018 Featured  No comments

If I had to make a dream summer food list, strawberries and rosé and ice cream would easily make it into the top five. I eat ripe, juicy berries by the handful when they arrive at the market. Ice cream is a standard post-dinner event: We get cones from one of the little shops in town and wander the pier, licking them as they drip sticky-sweet tracks onto our fingers. And rosé? Well, I drink that all year long, but summer means it shows up on every menu, at every party, and in every cocktail.

We Taste-Tested 10 Under-$10 Rosés

We Taste-Tested 10 Under-$10 Rosés by Emma Laperruque

Your Favorite Ice Cream Sandwich Says Soooo Much About You

Your Favorite Ice Cream Sandwich Says Soooo Much About You by Erin McDowell

So a dessert in which I can eat all three simultaneously sounds like sheer bliss...

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The No-Mayo Pasta Salad That Will Change Your Mind About Pasta Salad

Thursday, June 14, 2018 Cooking  No comments

Pasta salad borrows from Italian peperonata.
Pasta salad borrows from Italian peperonata. Photo by James Ransom

‘Tis the season for pasta salads. They’re a summertime staple at picnics and backyard barbecues for good reason: They can be prepped in advance, feed a crowd, and hang out for hours. Most importantly, they’re easy-breezy, exactly what a dish on a hot summer day should be.

Except that, in reality, pasta salad is often the most snoozeworthy dish on the picnic table—bland, mushy, oily, heavy, or all of the above. It’s the dish that we bypass entirely or shuffle to the sides of our plates after a few bites to make room for the things we actually want to eat.


This summer, let’s change that...

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The Best Snacks to Sneak Into Every Summer Blockbuster

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 Cooking  No comments

Ah, it’s summer. Which means it’s the best time to hole yourself up in an overly air conditioned auditorium with a whole sea of people and stare at a giant glowing screen. Right?

Blockbuster movies are one of summer’s simplest pleasures. They’re reliable and plentiful and offer the perfect respite from those sweltering afternoons when the sweat dripping so, so slowly down your spine just won’t let up. It’s moments like those that I thank my lucky stars (read: Moviepass) that there’s a cold movie theater somewhere nearby that I can park myself in for a few hours at time. Besides, summer’s one of the best times to tune in, as the list of available flicks swells in the warmer months.


If popcorn’s not for you—and concessions just don’t cut it—then you’re going t...

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