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Crepes, Grilled Cheese; Other First Meals We Made Our Partners

Monday, July 30, 2018 Cooking  No comments

In my family we say that the key to someone’s heart is their stomach. Doctors would probably disagree, so would musicians, but that’s OK! To each their own.

Most of us here at Food52 would probably second my family’s sentiment—food has the uncanny ability to reveal yourself to another person while also opening them up to you. It’s like a romance fast track. Suffice to say, this all got me thinking: What have some other Food52 staffers made for their partners? Whether it was a first date or many years into marriage, I was hungry to know.

So, of course, I asked. I posed a question to the whole staff: “What’s the first thing you ever cooked for a partner? I’d love to hear some early romance stories and how they played out in the kitchen...

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The One-Ingredient Trick to Make Any Bad Melon Much, Much Better

Monday, July 9, 2018 Cooking  No comments

Melons hold so much promise. Their thick outer shell—be it green and striped, or tan and crackly like the desert floor—hides a sweet, tantalizing mystery. They bulb up on the ends of vines like basketballs swollen by the press of a foot pump.

During the summer, I can imagine no better dessert than a melon. Watermelon on the beach, honeydews in my backyard, cantaloupes sliced at a barbecue and eaten with orange smiles. Cutting into a melon is like a drumroll: You slice with anticipation, suspense. How will it look? How will it taste? A smell test, a knock on the skin, a push of the thumb into the exterior can tell you only so much about a melon’s quality. The moment of truth comes after the whole thing’s been sliced and separated.

My computer is still down so I’m grateful for the ...

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The Most Popular Recipe in Every State, According to Google

Friday, July 6, 2018 Cooking  No comments

Alas, that summer darling, July 4th, has come and gone. This week, many of us gathered in our backyards (or indoors in the A/C) to celebrate summer and family and a lot of really good food. Everyone’s got their go-tos, the stalwarts they turn to every year. And while each family, even each family member, may be known for a special signature dish, it turns out every state has its own as well.

In honor of the holiday, Google has released the stats for the most popular (i.e., most searched) dish in every state over the course of the last 12 months. The best part is you can actually click on each dish and access the most popular recipes for that dish as well. So if you want to make crab dip like someone from Maryland or ceviche like a Floridian, you’re just a few clicks away.

Some of them...

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