Oreo Cookie Bark

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Oreo Cookie Bark is a simple, no bake treat that takes your love for Oreo cookies to the next level! Two cream layers of dark chocolate, loaded with crushed cookies, filled with creamy, homemade Oreo filling!

*This recipe was originally posted in January, 2013. 

When I first posted this recipe back in January, 2013 (omg how is that 5 years ago?!) I knew it would be a hit. I hadn’t ever seen anything like this before, and of course, any chance I have to make homemade Oreo filling I am all in.


I mean, I am 100% a filling girl…is there even a point to eating a non-Double Stuf Oreo? I mean, unless you’re on a diet or something? I did create a whole recipe for Cookie Filling Dip…it’s really the best way to portion control your filling to cookie ratio...

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Breakfast Meatballs

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Breakfast Meatballs are such a fun alternative to boring sausage or bacon for your breakfast or brunch! The perfect combo of savory and sweet, with a little maple syrup to make them extra delicious!

How are breakfast meatballs not a WHOLE THING in the world?

Actually don’t answer that…maybe they are and I’ve been living under a rock? I REFUSE to google this because I want to live in my food-inventor-bliss for as long as I can.

But here’s the thing, I am in the food business…my life basically revolves around it…and never have I heard of a breakfast meatball. So in my mind, I invented them. Can we just agree to let me have my moment?


Breakfast Meatballs

Ok, I just googled it. I couldn’t help myself. APPARENTLYYYYY they’ve already been invented. Fine. Whatever.

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